Meet the Hana Tsun. Although it looks terrifying, it’s harmless: this little guy is made of a silicone/polypropylene blend, clips into your nose for 20 minutes a day and costs only $63 (!). Yes, it’s a nose straightening device. It’s also a handy way of advertising to the world that you’re a sucker and you’ll buy anything with the right marketing campaign. Here’s a description, via Japan Trend Shop:

Do you have a complex about your nose? Then reach for the Hana Twin Nose, a much cheaper alternative to plastic surgery and it doesn’t hurt either! The makers reckon that 20 minutes per day is enough to strength and straighten your nose to help you achieve that perfect nasal profile you so desire!

“Hana” means nose in Japanese, while “tsun” means to perk or stick up, just like a nose should (physically, not metaphorically!). After slipping this clip gently into your nostrils, the supports on either side will help balance and push up the bones and contours of your nose, so it has an overall sharper, straighter shape, less round and more graceful.

Apparently the Hana Tsun and other products like it are “big in Japan”–or, at least, they bill themselves that way.

What’s more is people believe they work. HuffPo put up a poll and a whopping 14% of voters (at pub time) believe that nose shaping products can actually shape your nose. What say you?

[b5poll id=”c2055bcd08fd9632ad552de653439453″]

If you buy one of these, though, do us a favor and order this bizarre funnel (which promises to shape your face and erase wrinkles) so you can wear them together.

(via HuffPo)