not sleeping look tired

In case you’re not getting enough sleep on your weird, uncomfortable anti-wrinkle pillow, we’re sure you’ll be thrilled to know that not sleeping contributes to looking older, or at least more tired.

According to the Huffington Post, a new study shows “that sleep-deprived faces look more, shall we say weary – in the form of redder and more swollen eyes, dark under-eye circles, more wrinkles and droopier eyelids – than well-rested faces.”

Clearly this study is the frontrunner for the 2013 Nobel Prize in No Shit, Sherlock. To conduct this revolutionary research, the researchers took photographs of people who had been well-rested and then photographed them after being up for 31 hours straight. Shockingly, the people who hadn’t slept looked tired.

“The study participants also said that the people who were sleep-deprived looked sadder because they looked tired.”

The study participants probably looked sad because they were sad about not getting any sleep because of the damn study they volunteered for. (Attention college students: Free pizza is not worth it.)

Why do people keep funding research about how everything is making us look older? You know what is making us look older? Time. Instead of researching whether or not forgoing sleep makes us look tired, people should be researching time machines.

The solution to the problem created by the study is simple: Get enough sleep if you can. If you pull an all-nighter, don’t worry about it. Have a nap now if you want one, or try to make up the difference when you are next able to sleep. Also, have some coffee.

Oh! And red lipstick. Applying red lipstick will make people not notice how tired you are because they’ll be looking at your bright red lips and not your bleary, red eyes. Or there’s always the option of going makeupless and moaning about how tired you are. I like that one, because sometimes it comes with sympathy from your friends and coworkers.

Via The Huffington Post/Image: Shutterstock