Marie Antoinette was once obsessed with a fragrance created for her by royal nose Jean-Louis Fargeon in the late eighteenth century. The scent (characterized by rose, jasmine and beramot) was conceived as a nod to her gardens at Versailles. The queen loved it so much, Vogue reports, that:

Even during her imprisonment in the Temple Tower of Paris, Antoinette kept it with her, carrying it in a midnight-colored jade vial before slipping it to her most trusted confidant, the Marquise de Tourzel, shortly before her death. [The] original flask remains in the possession of de Tourzel’s descendants to this day, safeguarded in the family’s Burgundy château.

And this is all relevant because now you–you perfume addicts and you Francophiles–can get your mitts on the fragrance, which has been revived by the house of Lubin and debuts at West Village perfume shop Aedes de Venustas tomorrow. It’s called Black Jade and 3.4 ounces will cost you $160.