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(Photo: Instagram/essiepolish, photographed by @stephstonenails@AuburnJewelry rings)

Until very recently, I thought nude-hued manicures were about as boring as it gets. Why spend money on a barely-noticeable manicure when there are 475 shades of blue?

Then, a few weeks ago I got a manicure in Doe My Dear and loved the way it subtly elevated anything I wore, without any concerns about matching or clashing, etc. And, in 2015, there’s a nude nail for everyone. From glossy to matte, ballerina pinks to luscious caramels to cocoa browns, and paler than the palest skin tone to darker than the darkest, there’s something for everyone. And if you happen to fall for the look—or if you’re already a devotee of the neutral nail, there are also some awesome sets that run the gamut and cover the neutral rainbow, making it easy to go lighter or darker depending on the season, mood, or outfit.

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The Pink-y Nudes


Smith & Cult Ghost Edit, $18, Zoya Satin – Ana, $10, Essie – Minimalistic, $8.50


The Nudes with a Dash of Shimmer

nudes2 Essie – Nude Beach $8.50Zoya – Minka, $9, Essie – Cocktails & Coconuts, $8.50


The Nudes with Shades of Grey (or Purple)

nudes3Smith & Cult – Doe My Dear, $18,  Zoya – Farah, $9, Essie – Miss Fancy Pants, $8.50


The Deep Browns


Zoya – Dea, $9, Zoya – Emilia, $9, Essie – Lady Godiva, $8.50


The True Nudes


Deborah Lippmann – Fashion, $18, Smith & Cult – Honey Hush, $18, Zoya- Chantal, $9

nudes6Smith & Cult – The Graduate, $18, Zoya, Avery, $9, Deborah Lippmann, Naked, $18


The Commitments

DL setDeborah Lippmann Undressed Shades of Nude Set, $34

ncla nudes

ncLA Nudes Set, $75