It’s another day and we have another highlighter launch. This one is from Nuest Cosmetics and it’s particularly special because the brand’s new Magical Jelly Highlighters ($28), celebrate the jelly highlighter trend and the colored highlighter trend.

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Powder and cream highlighters might still remain supreme, but here are some innovative formulas come out from hybrids to pigment drops to putties. In terms of jelly highlighters, we’ve had launches from Farsali and Almay.

The Nuest Cosmetics Magical Jelly Highlighter is a lightweight jelly highlighter, just like the name implies. It has a bouncy texture that’s not sticky and comfortable to wear thanks to the water base and quick-drying formula.

The highlighter is available in five gorgeous colors: Ruby Kiss (glistening metallic red), Gold Rush (bright yellow gold), Twinkle Star (shimmering ivory), Pink Luster (sparkling champagne pink) and Metallic Bronze (orangy metallic bronze). The brand reports that they’re suitable for all skin types and skin tones creating a flattering prismatic finish.

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Because of the jelly texture, the Neust Highlighters can be easily blended with foundation, moisturizer or primer to create different effects.

You can shop the highlighters right now on the Nuest Cosmetics website. One highlighter goes for $28 while a two-pack goes for $45. If you want to collect all five, you can get them in a bundle for $90. If you want another reason to love them, each one comes in a little carrying purse.