dryWhen we don’t have the time or energy to wash our hair, we turn to our beloved dry shampoos to get rid of greasy roots. There are a variety of versions from those specifically formulated for dark hair, ones with floral scents, dry shampoos with fruity scents and even a dry shampoo foam. But have you ever tried dry shampoo blotting sheets before? Nope? Now you can thanks to the Nunzio Saviano Dry Shampoo Blotting Sheets ($24).

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You might have attempted to use your traditional face blotting sheets on your greasy roots when you were a bind. They probably did the job because they’re meant to soak up grease regardless of the surface. What makes the Nunzio Saviano hair blotting sheets special is that they’re specifically formulated to keep hair healthy.


The rice paper blotting sheets are formulated with natural UV filters to keep hair healthy and frizz-free. What’s more, Nunzio himself explained to Teen Vogue that the Dry Shampoo Blotting Sheets also add volume to hair. And that’s something that we simply cannot get from our traditional face blotting sheets, no matter how hard we try.

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To use the blotting sheets, simply blot hair by passing the sheet over locks and scalps. If you come to a greasy spot, you can slightly press down to absorb the excess oil. Next, brush your hair to distribute the powder to boost volume an shine. Simple, right?

The Nunzio Saviano Dry Shampoo Blotting Sheets are available on Amazon and cost $24 for a pack of 50 sheets. Stash some in your purse for touch-ups on the go. Unlike that clunky dry shampoo bottle, the slim sheets will fit into the tiniest of bags.

(Photo: Nunzio Saviano/Amazon)