People tend to believe that modeling is a cakewalk, possibly because models are already so genetically blessed we can’t imagine them having a hard time of anything. But the fact is, Fashion Week can be really hard on the ladies: to say nothing of hair worked to a chemical crisp, eyelashes torn-out, bleach burns on the face and head, or having skin so slathered in caustic stuff that they break out in a terrible rash (remember what happened to Lindsey Wixson at Viktor & Rolf?), they spend much of the week tired, they’re under immense pressure to keep their bodies in top form and–chances are–they’re being treated like glorified cattle.

This is all to say that Arizona Muse closed Vera Wang with a visible blood stain on her knee and we think that’s pretty cool of her. Way to tough it out.

Racked snagged this photo (by Randy Ceballos) of Muse doing the pre-show run-through, bloody knee and all.