nyxrougecreamI received both NYX Cosmetic’s Cream Rouge and Powder Blush recently. The Cream Rouge came in that bright pink color shone here. I was a little nervous about using a color that looked like hot pink. However, I found that as I worked the color in and blended it with my other makeup, it seemed to appear more of a “rosy glow” type color than “I am stuck in the 80’s” type color. I didn’t really need much product at all to highlight the apples of my cheeks. I applied it using a wedge sponge because I really didn’t want bright pink fingertips.

nyx powderblush

The Powder Blush came stating that the color was “Cinnamon.” However, on the NYX website it shows Cinnamon to be a pink color, which this was not. It was orange in color just as the blush here appears in the picture. Again, I was skeptical about using orange blush, but it really didn’t look that bad. I think it would actually look really good in the summer when I have a nice tan. The orange tint to the powder would give it more of a bronze look. If you happen to have a blue-ish tint to your skin, orange is actually really good at minimizing blue (just as green and yellow minimize red).

Have you tried either of these blushes? What did you think?

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