nyx marble swirl

Remember when people were captivated by marble lip art and marble manicures? There was something about those swirling colors that looked so beautiful so the trends went viral online. We may have gotten distracted by geodes and crystals since then, but the new NYX Cosmetics Faux Marble Lipsticks ($9) will make you obsessed with marble all over again.

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POPSUGAR reported about the gorgeous new launch. When you look at the bullets of the limited-edition lippies, you will have a hard time believing that they’re not made of marble because they look that real. Rest assured they are still made out of lipstick and are fully usable. Helpfully, NYX has encased the bullets in clear packages which means that we can see every swirl. Because of the swirl design, it also means that no two lipsticks are alike.

There are four colors of the Faux Marble Lipstick to choose from. They include: Berry (brownish red), Lilac (purple), Periwinkle (blue) and Primrose (deep pink). The colors might appear separate in each bullet, but when the product is applied to lips, the colors swirl together creating a beautiful, creamy satin lip color.

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As we mentioned previously, the NYX Faux Marble Lipsticks are limited edition so if you want to add them to your collection make sure you hop to it. Our advice is to get a few to use and a few just to admire.

(Photo: NYX Cosmetics)