nyx cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics Super Volume Lip PLumper is a lip treatment designed to give you 40% fuller lips. Besides being super glossy, it also contains antioxidant Vitamin E acetate to condition your lips and herbs and Rosemary & Jojoba Oil.

The Super Volume Lip Plumper only comes in one shade: clear. The shine is tremendous. It does giving a burning sensation, although its really not that bad. My lips did plump up for about 25 minutes, which I am sure was a combination of actual plumping plus the look of the gloss to enhance its appearance.

While clear gloss always looks good, sometimes I really want color. So I simply dabbed other lip glosses over top and rubbed my lips together. Their normal color was a bit diluted when rubbed into the clear gloss, but it still looked great, making this a very versatile lip plumper. Plus for only $7, I think that is a pretty good deal considering the other plumpers I have tried recently cost double and rendered no results.

Have you tried NYX Cosmetics Super Volume Lip Plumper—what did you think?