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Lipstick vaults are a big thing at the moment in the beauty world. With the holiday collections dropping, there are going to be more options than ever to choose from. NYX Cosmetics already dropped an amazing budget-friendly lip color vault, so it is expanding things further with an eyeshadow vault.

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NYX is paying homage to Los Angeles, the city the beauty brand is based in, with the NYX <3’s LA Eyeshadow Collection. The set includes 12 different shadows which are all named after different places in LA. See Santa Monica, Malibu and Pasadena. The entire collection is also housed in a package with envokes LA’s skyline.

The range of colors is fantastic, but the price just might be the best thing about the NYX <3’s LA collection. The set will sell for $25 when it drops on NYXCosmetics.com and Ulta.com this week. That works out to about $2 per shadow, guys.

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We might not all be California girls living under the Hollywood sign, but at least we can look like we are thanks to NYX’s new palette. And we don’t even need a LA-sized budget to get it.

The NYX vault will launch on NYXCosmetics.com and Ulta.com this week.

(Photo: NYX)