, Inc.

Sephora, How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways.

I love your massive selection of hard to find brands

And your dedication to having samples of EVERYTHING to try before we buy.

I love the layout of your store, the bright cheery colors, and the sales consultants who are always there, but never annoying.

I love your fragrance selection, your sample size products to buy and your tools and implements section.

I love your other customers, who are always willing to lend an honest opinion, and who laugh and cut up and enjoy playing with your products as much as I do!


Ok, thats enough of that ridiculousness, I am obviously delusional this morning. Ha! Although I dearly adore Sephora (duh), there are two areas that I think Sephora is lacking in – nail polishes and haircare. Try as I may, I cannot force myself to spend one hard earned dime to try Jonathan Product – that man just gets on my last nerve (is that a reason not to buy? Yep, I guess it is for me.), and the choices beyond that are a little on the slim side. Ojon (which I haven’t tried but have heard great things about), Phyto (which I am not really impressed with what I have tried so far) and a few others. There are so many other great lines of hair products that would fit into Sephora I think – I wish they would bring in Yuki Sharoni – RALLY, I do. ;)

On to what I did buy though:

Go Smile maintenance kit – I really wanted to try the peach or the pear, but I fell back on the mint that I love because it truly gives a great boost of breath freshening along with the marvelous whitening. I am still loving the Go Smile tremendously!

bareMinerals foundation in Tan – my skin is just a hair darker than the Medium that I usually wear, and I love to have two different colors of foundation just to use as contour and highlight anyway, so I busted out and bought the tan. Loving it so far!

Oscar Blandi Color Conditioning system – This I know absolutely nothing about, but wanted to try something totally new to me, since I have been so hooked on Paul Mitchell for so very long. I will report back later on what I think. If you have tried it, let me know what you think!

Bourjois Nail Polish in #33 Rose Show – I have been lusting after this color since August, when I fell in love with a color they didn’t have in stock, only in samples. I have spent a good chunk of time trying to find this same shade (an irridescent light pink and sheer gold) in another brand, but have been unsuccessful. I hope it holds up as well as the Bare Essentuals brand does!


I could have spent gobs more money, but, well, you know, Christmas is a’comin’, and I had best keep our cash where it belongs for now. :) But I will be back, Sephora – Oh yes, I WILL be back.