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Out of all of the different types of music, elevator music isn’t exactly on the top of anyone’s lists. It’s slightly above the music you’re forced to listen to when put on hold. What’s more, elevator music is there but it’s not really something that captivates your full attention. This concept is the inspiration behind the “Elevator Music” fragrance by Byredo and Off-White.

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That’s right, we said “Elevator Music” fragrance. We’ve had perfumes inspired by unconventional things like walks on the beach, kitten fur, rain, our favorite boozy drinks and even gold. Therefore, we shouldn’t be that surprised to have one inspired by “Elevator Music,” especially considering it’s coming from cult favorite fragrance brand Byredo and red hot designer Virgil Abloh from Off-White.

The Off-White Fall 2018 fashion collection actually had a heavy elevator inspiration so the fragrance was a great starting off point, Virgil revealed to Vogue. Ben Gorham from Byredo explained to the publication that the scent they came up with is “a fragrance for the background, as opposed to the foreground.” In other words, this is not a cloying, overpowering scent you can smell from five miles away.

The final scent has notes of midnight violet, ambrette, bamboo and musk. It reportedly has a sweet finish but isn’t cloying. The scent will be available in a 100 ml Eau de Cologne for $275. If that’s too much of splurge, there’s also a Hand Cream ($45) and even a  Hair Perfume ($75).

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Are you curious to find out exactly what elevator music smells like? You can find out on May 14 when the Byredo x Off-White “Elevator Music” fragrance launches at Byredo.com and Barneys.

The Byredo x Off-White “Elevator Music” fragrance will launch May 14 at Byredo.com and Barneys.