Remember when I posted Lauren Conrad’s dip dyed locks and predicted that the practice would turn into a trend due to its lackadaisical nineties-ness? Well, it would appear I am a genius, because now another celebrity has followed suit, and I expect it will only be a matter of days before she is joined by every other young blonde celebrity there is. Hollywood parties will be like HUGE TIE DYE CONVENTIONS. And then all parties will. And I will feel jealous, because my hair will still be brown, and I will still not be able to work this look.

One of you wondered whether this type of hair color could work out in the real world or if it’s “more editorial,” and I think you have your answer right here: maybe. I think it might have worked better for Kate if she had chosen a less busy shirt, or at least one with hints of blue in it. The visible bra is also a bit distracting. But from the neck up, she looks super cool. It certainly goes with her laid back, California surfer girl vibe. (I have not seen her in anything except for Blue Crush, which was amazing.) What do you think?

(Photo via ImNotObsessed)