Olay continues to impress me with their ability to introduce new and advanced products while also continuing to make available a consistent collection of reliable skin care products that they have been producing for years.  Last year Olay launched a new line called Professional Pro-X that included highly advanced anti-aging skin care products.

Olay’s Professional Pro-X line has received tons of positive reviews since its release.  Impressive clinical studies showed that the Pro-X line actually proved to be more effective than prescription-strength skin care products at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  We could all save a lot of money if we could cut down on our expensive dermatologist visits!  This February Olay Professional Pro-X expanded their line to include two cleansers that are to be used as primers for the Pro-X moisturizing creams and specialized wrinkle treatments.

The two cleansers are the Olay Professional Pro-X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser and the Restorative Cream Cleanser.  Both cleansers are foaming lathering cleansers and the exfoliating option has micro-beads to remove dead skin cells and build-up.  If you are already a fan of the Olay Professional Pro-X line, then it is a must to add the Cream Cleanser to your daily routine and the Exfoliating Cleanser 2-3 times per week.

I’m excited about the possibilities of this over-the-counter skin care product from such a reliable skin care company.  I have always loved Olay products and I know many women and men who go to this consistent brand for their daily skin care needs.   I’m extremely impressed with the commitment that this line has shown to decreasing skin’s signs of aging with the most advanced technology. Olay has participated in research to discover ways to increase skin turnover and increase the ability of skin to stay moisturized.  Skin care products that aid the skin in these functions have a significant ability to decrease wrinkles and signs of again.

You can read more about the rigorous clinical studies for the Professional Pro-X products online at www.olayprefessional.com/clinicaltrials.  They even have a Satisfaction Guarantee that their products “are as effective as the leading prescription wrinkle brand at half the price.”  Olay Professional Pro-X Cleansers are available at your local drugstore or online at Olay Professional.