There are a number of makeup products that are inspired by food. Consider Too Faced‘s new Tutti Fruitti collection, Bite Beauty‘s spice-inspired Amuse Bouche Lipsticks and Milk Makeup‘s Watermelon Serum. It’s a market that has potential for more food brands to get involved with which could be why Olive Garden recently trolled us with an amazing makeup palette of its own.

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On July 31, the restaurant shared a photo of a mock-up makeup palette. The cheek and eye palette featured six neutral eyeshadows, a bronzer and a blush all inspired by some of our favorite Olive Garden treats. For instance, there’s the Marinara Rouge and the Breadstick Bronzer. In terms of eyeshadows there’s Awesome Alfredo (soft gold), Parmigiana Perfection (ivory), Fierce Fettuccine (beige), Royal Ravioli (shimmering tan), Lasagna Lush (peach) and Spaghetti Sparkle (coral). The palette even included a makeup brush.

The palette came after Olive Garden teased its own subscription box complete with bundles of warm bread sticks. Unsurprisingly, the palette was retweeted and liked thousands of time. There were also many foodie beauty enthusiasts wanting to know whether it was real and whether they would ever be able to get their hands on one.

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When Olive Garden responded to user tweets, they said the palette only “exists in their dreams” but it “needs to be real.” Hopefully they might be inspired to launch a real version of the palette. After all, they wouldn’t be the first food chain to branch into beauty. KFC has gone viral countless times for its chicken-inspired products. Remember the chicken sunscreen?