If you have dry, cracked heels, it’s time to get them in sandal shape and quick! You need to exfoliate your feet regularly with a foot scrub and then use a deep moisturizing cream to get soft, silky skin.

In this video, they show how to make a homemade foot scrub using olive oil and sugar. The sugar is, of course, an excellent natural exofliant, while the olive oil has hydrating properties.


Another easy homemade foot scrub can be made by combining eggs and salt.  Beat two eggs lightly, then add just enough salt to get the scrub to the texture you prefer.

After using the foot scrub and rinsing your feet with warm water, apply a your favorite moisturizing lotion or petroleum jelly to your feet and put on clean, white cotton socks overnight.

If you use the scrub weekly and a the sock treatment nightly, you feet will be in shape in no time at all.