olivia munn wonder woman

First of all, Olivia Munn is part Asian! If you did not know that initially, that is a fascinating fact for the day. In sadder news, Olivia Munn thinks she will not be able to play Wonder Woman, because she is part Asian.

She told Huffington Post that she doesn’t expect to be considered for the role, because:

“It would be great, though, if the producers could make Wonder Woman an Asian-American, but that’s probably not what they would do. I don’t know a lot of Asian-American women who are getting great opportunities yet, and the other actresses (vying for the role) are probably really famous and Hollywood tends to go for the girls who are already in the big movies.”

Look, Olivia Munn does have a point. Asian Americans are considered for very few roles where they are not sexy martial artists. However, this strikes me as absurd. Wonder Woman is not a real person. It’s not as though they would be casting a part-Asian actress for a biopic on Queen Victoria. I don’t think there’s a weird backstory in the comics about how Wonder Woman is as white as the driven snow, and all of her ancestors have been white since the dawn of time, because the comics were not written by the KKK.

Besides, Olivia Munn already has Wonder Woman’s body type, so she’s probably a better fit to play her than 99% of the population. If they’re worried casting her would outrage the fanbase, well, that is the precise fan base that is absolutely in love with Olivia Munn.

What I’m saying is yes, I think Olivia Munn probably has as much of a shot at being Wonder Woman as anyone.