alicia sacramone

We’re excited about the Olympics. You excited about the Olympics? No? We’re sorry that you are a woman without a country. How about make-up? Or exercise? Or just life, in general? We talked to gymnast (and 2008 Olympic silver medalist) (and Covergirl spokesmodel) Alicia Sacramone, who discussed all of that.

Specifically, she gave us some tips on beauty and fitness, and shared about her partnership with P&G. You’ll want to check out the P&G Facebook page, since, for every like P&G beauty gets on Facebook they will donate $1 – up to $100,000 – to P&G’s Team USA Youth Sports Fund to benefit kids all over the world. And helping kids get involved with sports will mean that they don’t fall into the category of people who kind of forgot the Olympics were happening until about a month ago. (At TheGloss, we are all women without countries. The Internet is our country.)

Now, the interview. Get jazzed!

Jennifer Wright: You were one of the first female athletes to be a spokesmodel for Covergirl. How was that experience?

Alicia Sacramone: That was before the last Olympics and I was 19 turning 20, so it was a whirlwind experience. But it was great: me, Nastia [Liukin] and Shawn [Johnson] had a great time! We got to talk about our beauty routines, and how Covergirl helped us and were so supportive over in Beijing. It was a lot of fun.

J: Do you think the ideal of female beauty is changing? It’s really interesting that athletes are representing Covergirl instead of just the traditional Covergirl models.

A: I definitely think it’s great. There is a broad spectrum of women out there and the more Covergirl can broaden its horizons the better. Athletes can relate to a lot of women, it’s ultimately about reaching a bigger base and having a positive effect on them.

J: I know you appeared nude in ESPN magazine in 2011, and you looked fantastic. How did you make the decision to do that? I know it would have terrified me.

A: I’m not going to lie to you; I was a little terrified, too. When it was brought before me I was a little hesitant. As a gymnast you are very used to being conscious of your body, and going through teenage years it was a bit of a struggle keeping a good weight and being confident with my looks. But, being 24, I thought that this is a really neat opportunity that I probably won’t get again, so why not do it?

J: Was there Photoshop, or retouching?

A: You know, they did Photoshop some things out, but I was covered. I didn’t feel uncomfortable and it was a lot of fun.

J: Do you have any special exercise routine? Obviously, you’re doing gymnastics all the time, but do you do anything else?

A: I do. I do gymnastics Monday-Friday in the morning. Two days a week I lift weights and do rehab work for my leg. And on off days I throw in some Pilates.

J: I do Pilates too! So, I heard you had an accident a while ago. What’s the recovery process been like?

A: I did. I actually tore my Achilles this past October. I had a quick surgery and a pretty speedy recovery so I’m on track to be ready to compete at the Nationals and the Olympic trials.

J: Does that concern you?

A: It’s a little nerve-wracking, but it’s definitely exciting to know that I have overcome a pretty big hurdle and am willing and able to compete again.

J: I know there are so many gymnasts who seem to be so young – which sounds ridiculous, because you’re only 24. What is your relationship like with them?

A: I am definitely the mother hen type in our team and I definitely try to help them and mentor them as much as possible. I just want to be able to share my past experience, and if it helps them compete that’s great. Hopefully, it helps me compete even better, being able to talk about what my issues were before. And hopefully, now I know how to overcome those issues and be a better competitor.

J: You’re working with P&G. Do you have any favorite products, or ones you use all the time?

I am working with Secret deodorant. I am a hygiene freak a little bit, so I love being clean. Smelling good and having 48- hour odor protection from Secret is one of best things I could ask for. P&G Beauty has been a great sponsor for me to have. They have been so supportive of my comeback and overcoming this injury and being part of the 2012 Olympic team.

J: Any other components to your beauty routine?

Besides the Secret deodorant the Covergirl LashBlast mascara is really amazing. I mean, I have nugget eyelashes, they are very short, and using that definitely gives me the length and volume that I’m looking for. I’m all about less is more, so usually I just use some mascara and a little eye liner and I’m good to go.

J: I imagine that when you’re out there competing you can’t really wear too much makeup.

A: You wear a little bit more then people think but it’s not too crazy.

J: And is USA going to win this Olympics? (Yes.)

A: We have a very strong team with very talented girls. They have a very good chance of winning team gold but it’s also hard to know. I’m not over in Europe seeing what other countries are doing, but I’m very confident our girls will do great.

J: We’ve been talking about some of our regrets at TheGloss. Do you have any beauty or fashion blunders?

I did go through a phase of being a little too obsessed with black eyeliner. I wore it really thick on top and on bottom. I’m not really proud of that.