Colored mascaras are becoming more popular with some next-level launches having recently been been announced. Given that festive season is fast approaching, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that beauty looks are getting more and more colorful. And that brings us to ombre lashes.

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We’re all familiar with dip-dye and ombre hair, but eyelashes? That’s something different. Ombre lashes have started trending on social media. At the time of posting, there were over 3,200 posts with the #ombrelashes hashtag on Instagram.

Ombre lashes could be achieved through a variety of different methods. A quick application of colored mascara applied only to the tips of lashes will great the look. Similarly, you could use a colorful liquid eyeliner to enhance the tips of lashes. Another popular option is  ombre lashes eyelash extensions.

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Fans of lash extensions are rejecting their traditional black sets and adding ombre lashes with colors varying from blue to green to purple. The beauty of the look is that you get a subtle pop of color on the eye which can eliminate the need for eyeshadow.

And before you ask, there’s no rule that says you have to stop at only using one color. Most of the looks on social media use one color against natural lashes, but you can try an entire rainbow, if you feel so inclined. Now that is a look we can see for festival season.