via Pravda

Allure just reported that a Lithuanian company called Olialia is developing a resort in the Maldives that would be staffed entirely by blondes.  Olialia is run by all blondes and operates in 75 different business sectors.  Although Olialia would love the entire resort to be an exclusively-blonde experience, local laws require that the resort hire at least 50% of its workers from the location, and Maldives residents are definitely not blonde (don’t you hate when those pesky indigenous folk ruin all the fun?).  Additionally, workers need not be natural blondes; bottle blondes will suffice.

What the hell?  These seems like a person with a blonde fetish’s dream (or Hitler’s…?).  Why would the resort be run by all blondes exclusively?  Besides all the obvious blonde jokes, what does the company’s all-blonde policy actually achieve?  Seriously, I am asking you all, because I don’t get it.