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Out of all of the beauty techniques to master, applying false lashes has to be one of the trickiest. You have to make sure that the lashes sit super close to your lash line, you have to make sure that you don’t get glue everywhere, and you have to make sure that both eyes are symmetrical. It’s not an easy task. That’s why One Two Cosmetics has changed the game by creating Magnetic False Eyelashes ($69).

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The lashes aren’t brand new, but they recently started going viral thanks to prom and wedding season. If you’re wondering how the magnets could possibly work, the lashes come with two halves and you basically sandwich your natural lashes between them. You first position one half of the lashes (without the red dot) on top of your lashes on the upper lash line. While holding that in place, you take the other half and position it in roughly the same spot below your upper lashes. This should cause the magnet to connect so you have flirty lashes that will remain in place.

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To remove the lashes, you simply take your index finger and thumb and gently pry the two pieces away from each other. And there’s no need to toss the lashes when you’re done wearing them. They’re reusable.

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The lashes are currently available in three different types including the Original Lash ($69), the longer and more voluminous Bold Lash ($69) and the Accent Lash ($59), for those who love a retro lift on the outer corners of their lashes.