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How long do you think you could go without looking in a mirror? I’m going to say I could go about four hours, providing I could also look at myself in windows or reflective pools. One woman managed to do it for a year. According to The Daily Mail, the experiment helped one woman gain self confidence. Kjerstin Gruys writes:

The idea to avoid mirrors came after reading a novel that talked about how nuns went a lifetime without looking at themselves. I found myself wondering if I could go even one day without looking at myself in a mirror. What about a year?

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. If I couldn’t see myself, then might I worry less about how I looked?

I discussed the plan with Michael, who gave me his full support. We hung a curtain in front of the bathroom mirror and covered up the rest of the mirrors in our flat.

Greta Garbo did something similar! Though I worry this could make you more insecure about your appearance rather than less?

Six months into the project, I’d learned a number of things. Just a few months before, I’d felt on the verge of becoming the sort of bridezilla who treated her family and friends horribly in the lead-up to the big day. 

Now, since I couldn’t look in the mirror, I’d stopped trying on my wedding dresses and was no longer obsessing about how I’d look on my big day. 

I’d started a blog (ayearwithout about my experiences. While lots of people were amazingly supportive — and many took up the challenge themselves — I was also criticised. Some believed I wasn’t dealing with the root of my insecurities. 

But by taking the emphasis away from my physical appearance, I was able to devote more emotional energy to the good things in my life.

My body image had also subtly improved. 

Reading this, I’m sort of wondering if we should all try something similar for, say, a week? But I sincerely doubt I could make it that long. Could you?

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