opal hair featured

(Instagram/Jenna Perry)

As a recent new member of the hair dye club, I have a new fascination with all of the different hair color trends that have taken the fashion world by storm over the past few months. I love the gray hair trend that I can only imagine will take off once Fall really hits (Happy September, by the way!); I love that people are fearless enough with their look to try out rainbow hair; and I love that there are temporary options out there for beauty commitment-phobes like myself. Basically, I love that something as simple as our hair can completely change our look. It’s the epitome of what makes beauty so fun.

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So, when I came across a brand new hair trend, I was all too excited to do some ‘splorin. We’re calling it now: The next biggest hair trend for Fall is opal hair. Also known as pearl hair, it’s basically the hair color that would happen if white-blonde and rainbow hair had a super-chic baby, as it requires a few different hair colors to achieve, which makes sense, considering the number of colors one can see in any given opal. The best part? There’s no one right way to do it, so every take on it can be completely unique!

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out these 12 opal dye jobs that will convince you to give it a try:

1. Rainbow Opal

rainbow opal

This is the color combination that immediately comes to mind when I think about the perfect opal nail polish, and the fact that someone was able to translate into a hair color is amazing.

2. Dark Opal

dark opal

This one is just toeing the line between opal and rainbow, but I’m not mad about it.

3. Pink Opal

pink opal

I like this shade for someone who already has pastel-colored hair, but wants to try to transition into something a little bit more multi-dimensional. This is like the gateway into full opal hair.

4. Blue Opal

blue opal

This is the perfect dusty blue color, and honestly, I’d probably love it if it wasn’t opalescent or styled to perfection. But it is, and that makes it so much better.

5. Opal Ombre

opal ombre

Or is this technically a sombre? Like I said, I’m new to all this hair dye business, so I really can’t say for sure.

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6. Pastel Opal

pastel opal

Seriously, it’s worth clicking on the above link just to go take a look at whole hair-dyeing process, which can be found on this woman’s Instagram page. It’s INSANE how many colors they have to use, but the end result is totally worth what I imagine is a very long time in the hair salon.

7. Bright Opal

bright opal

At first I was worried that this was a little bit too Barney, and then I wasn’t sure I was into how matchy-matchy it was with this woman’s shirt, but then I got over it because the hair itself is beautiful.

8. Silver Opal

silver opal

Like I said, gray hair is sure to be a Fall staple, but this opalescent touch is a great update.

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9. Neon Opal

neon opal

Hey, if you’re gonna do it, might as well go big or go home, right?

10. Subtle Opal

subtle opal

I like how I feel like you might not notice that this is opal hair unless you stared at it for a really long time.

11. Mixed-Metallics Opal

mixed metallic opal

The combination of the opal hair and blunt bob-and-bangs hairstyle scream fashion queen.

12. Blonde Opal

blonde opal

This is like My Little Pony in the best possible way. Seriously, I love it.