Beautiful woman face(Via heckmannoleg/iStockPhoto/Getty Images)

The beginning of spring is probably not the ideal time for me to decide I want to look like a sparkly, icy snow princess, but that’s where we are right now. I’ve been looking at all these “strobing” tutorials and loving the idea of going around looking like some kind of fairy queen–preferably the kind who hosts fabulous balls where people dance forever and ever and ever. And that means I need a good highlighter.

But the whole world is obsessed with highlighters right now. There are a million different products on the market, and they are not cheap, so it’s a daunting prospect to just start buying them and trying them based on the word of whatever copy writer penned the marketing blurb for Sephora.

I’ve been using Benefit’s Watt’s Up since I fell in love with a Sephora sample last year, and it is remarkable.


But it is a little dark for a “snow queen” look, and Kristyn says Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl is actually the standout highlighter in the Benefit line.

I don’t tend to go in for a “glowy” foundation in daily life, but after trying Watt’s Up for a few days I was a die-hard convert to the idea of highlighter for everyday wear. That one is subtle enough that it emphasizes the cheekbones and photographs beautifully without looking like, “OMG, I’m wearing glitter!”

It’s kind of a gateway drug, though. Because now I can’t stop thinking that if I like that subtle cheekbone sheen, maybe I’d like even more cheekbone sheen. And that’s why I found myself this week standing in a department store contemplating rubbing an eye shadow called “Snow Sequins” all over my eye socket as a highlighter, even though it is not intended for that use and I would probably look a bit, “OMG! I’m wearing glitter!”

But then Anastasia Beverly Hills launched a couple new “Glow Kits,” and I really wanted to try them, but I’ve been afraid of expensive palettes ever since I spent $65 on Guerlain’s Meteorites and they totally did nothing.

I’ve also heard good things about Lush and Maybelline having excellent highlighter products.

There are just too many good highlighters on the market, and I can’t tell which is the best. But they all seem to start around $30, so before I shell out for a new product, I need something more than marketing copy to go on. What do you think is the best highlighter?