As we gear up for the Oscars, while we’re never quite sure what the award winning beauties will wear, how they’ll style their hair or what makeup they’ll apply (or, let’s be honest, have applied by a team of highly skilled professionals), celebrity stylists nevertheless usually take their cues from the spring/summer 2010 runway shows and we’re predicting that this year will be no exception.

I consulted the fabulous Alexis Wolfer (@alexiswolfer) of, and she gave us some amazing predictions on what to look out for, and how to steal the look for any Oscar parties you may be attending! (Be sure to follow MY live-tweets at @alywalansky on Twitter all night long.)

Oscar Awards

For Lips: The runway was very divided with regard to lips this season. Lips were either barely there or bright and bold. But they did have one common thread: their uniformly matte finish. While we expect the red carpet walkers to add a bit of sexy sheen, we do expect lips to be less glossy than in years past. For those who choose color, we also expect to see hot pinks and reds (and even oranges for the really fashion forward)!

GET THE LOOK: Get a matte finish on your lips by gently patting translucent powder on your lips after applying lipstick. You can also use colored eye shadows as well.

For Eyes: soft smoky eyes will likely be the choice of most of our leading ladies. Rather than blacks and grays of years past (which often appear harsh), expect neutral browns and lots of purple (like at Versace, Michael Kors and Marios Schwab). For those who do go with the classic black, we expect clean, crisp eyeliner (not smudged) like shown at Anna Sui.

GET THE LOOK: Purple will be big this spring so now’s the time to purchase purple eye makeup to get on trend! Try grey or eggplant liner and lavender or violet shadows.

For Nails: One of the most prevailing trends during the spring/summer shows was nail polish, or the seemingly lack there of. Many designers went for a naturally buffed nail or a clear coat (Anna Sui, Bottega Veneta, Burburry, Fendi, Pucci, Gucci) while others used skin-toned shades on their model’s manicures (Donna Karren, Marc Jacobs, Marios Schwab, Marni, Proenza Schouler, Versace). Even the color-loving Matthew Williamson rocked the neautrals, leading us to confidently expect to see mostly nudes on the red carpet as well.

GET THE LOOK with OPI’s wide range of skin-tone shades (including Dulce de Leche, Malaysian Mist, Samoan Sand and Barefoot in Barcelona). Not only will you be fashion forward, but chips won’t be nearly as noticeable and your fingers will be instantly elongated – perfect for showing of those Red Carpet jewels!

For Skin: Clean, fresh and with a healthy glow (but not a sheen) is what every woman will be going for!

GET THE LOOK with a tinted moisturizer that will leave your skin slightly dewy without the shimmer.

For Hair: Effortless is the word that most accurately describes the runway looks and what we most expect to see on the red carpet as well, albeit effortless with a tremendous amount of effort! Think soft, beachy waves like Julia Roberts at the Golden Globes and loose updos. The runway showed lots of braids so we hope to see at least a few braids pop in as well.

GET THE LOOK by mixing your own salt-water concoction at home. In a spray bottle, mix warm water and sea salt and mist on dry hair to give a beach-swept texture that you can either leave down or pull up.