Oscar de la Renta hosted a breakfast at his Madison Ave boutique this morning to celebrate the launch of the brand’s newest fragrance, Esprit d’Oscar. The scent–promised to be a “modern take” on their classic fragrance Oscar–comes in a scalloped bottle with a flower top, a drop of dew in the glass petals. Mr. de la Renta explained to the crowd that fragrance for him was very nostalgic, and that as a child he believed “If you collected the dew drops [from flower petals], you could make perfume.” He paused for many hearts to melt and continued, “It was not a reality, it was just a dream. But sometimes dreams are important.”

Full disclosure: Mr. de la Renta charmed the hell out of anyone and everyone so I will try not to mindlessly gush. We were all sent back to our offices (and beds for some, presumably) with a bottle, so let’s cut to the chase: what does it smell like?

The press materials say the scent is a “feminine floral-oriental,” with a “bright, citrus bouquet of Sicilian lemon, bergamont and citron” and “fresh florals: Egyptian jasmine, orange flower and tuberose.”

Impressions in the office were as follows:

“Fresh and bright.”

“It reminds me of bath bubbles.”

“It’s like baby powder, or a powder puff.”

“Marzipan, like almond paste.”

“It smells like clean clothes.”

The fragrance will hit department stores later this month, but the brand is doing a special promotion via Facebook, so you can test it out yourself.