Are you wondering what celebrity makeup artists are predicting to be the biggest beauty trends on the red carpet? Celebrity makeup artist Christopher Drummond makes these makeup predictions for Sunday night:

Image: istockphoto

Eyes: Of course, the smoky look will be big as it always is for the red carpet. It is the “go to” look for celebrities when they want to look glamorous and dramatic. However, this year, I predict the smoky look will be accented with a lot of shimmery metals: bronze, gold, and silver. Also on the eyes: a focus on luxurious lashes and liner focused on the top on the eyes.

Color: Will also be predominant on the eyes – but not heavy color. Light, whimsical shades such as pale blue, lavender and peach will all be used generously.

Skin: Skin will be a main component of the overall look for celebrities. It’s always a pre-requisite for celebrities to have glowing radiant skin, and the Oscars are certainly no exception. Luminizers and shimmer will be used on the eyes and cheeks to help emphasize that “healthy” look.

Lips: There will be two looks: Matte, bright red or nude and glossy. Peach lips will also be a part of the look for many. Peach is always a great “go to” color for makeup artists as it works with a variety of skin tones.