Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the RescueIncluded in this years Oscars Bag o’ Swag for the celebrities is this book, by Louisa Maccon-Graves, Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue. Louisa, along with being an author, is a body parts double in Hollywood, meaning that her hands, legs, feet – whatever – are used in close up shots where those of the actor might not be so great in the shot. I didn’t know they had those, I guess I just thought actors had to be perfect in every way. Apparently not. About the book, from Louisa’s web site:

In her book, Louisa reveals how she and many of Hollywood’s actresses keep their bodies and skin youthful and flawless-looking using the affordable, no-nonsense, anti-aging secrets she learned during her successful career as a top celebrity hands and parts model. She picked up her secrets from top Hollywood professionals including celebrity make-up artists, anti-aging experts, dermatologists, medical aestheticians, trainers, manicurists, hair stylists and more.

Anyone read this book? It is going on my wish list – it is available at Amazon.com for $14.95.