85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

As we’ve mentioned, last night’s Oscars red carpet was surprisingly solid (mostly interesting across the board, with a clear best dressed and worst dressed list). That said, there were some shake-ups in the beauty department.

Without further ado, the very best Oscars beauty from last night’s ceremony.

85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsBest Skin: Charlize Theron‘s face was the star of her look last night, which is always the goal, right?

Amy Adams Oscars beauty

Best Eyes: All Amy Adams needs to do is set off her amazing blue-gray eyes–which is exactly what her makeup artist did. No piles of fake lashes or mounds of shadow necessary.

Kerry Washington best Oscars beautyBest Cheeks: Although we were disappointed in Kerry Washington‘s Miu Miu dress, we loved that hit of warm coral on her beautiful cheekbones.

Stacy Keibler best Oscars beautyBest Waves: Stacy Keibler‘s retro finger waves were way pretty.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Best Bangs: Octavia Spencer should actually win for two of our (completely arbitrary) beauty categories: best bangs and best color complementing. A lemon dress with lavender shadow? Yes.

Salma Hayek Oscars beautyBest Smoky Eye: We weren’t crazy about Salma Hayek‘s dress or hair–but her figure and her face? Sweet god, she looked incredible.

Anne Hathaway Oscars beautyBest Pixie: People can fight all they want about Anne Hathaway‘s Prada prom dress–but everything from her halter up looked inraguably amazing. We’re nominating her hair, but we could have just as easily gone for eyes or lips or everything.

Giuliana Rancic Best Lips: We’re surprised to say it, but we really liked Guiliana Rancic‘s beauty look. We weren’t crazy about her dress, but the effortless hair and the warm skin and (especially) the bright pop of her lips were all very refreshing.

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars beautyBest Updo: Jennifer Lawrence. Fucking flawless.

Apparently an angel did her makeup, too.

Jessica Chastain Oscars beautyBest All Around: Yeah, smile, Jessica Chastain. You may not have won the Oscar, but your hair and makeup won the red carpet.

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