One of the annoying things about winter apart from the frigid temperatures and the slush is what it does to our hair. The harsh elements can turn even the glossiest, healthiest head of hair into a dry, frizzy mess. Thankfully, OUAI is coming to the rescue with the launch of its new Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets ($18).

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You know the hack about rubbing a dryer sheet in your hair to minimize frizz? The OUAI Anti-Frizz Sheets go off the same idea. However, the clear differences are these are meant for your locks so they don’t leave your hair smelling likle fresh laundry.

The sheets are free of parabens and sodium chloride and smooth flyaways with just a few swipes. Each package comes with 15 individually wrapped sheets and the box is slim enough to fit in tiny purses or even pockets. If you’re toting a micro bag, you can even pop a few individually wrapped sheets in it for touch-ups on the go.

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Another big advantage of the sheets besides their portability is that they fight frizz without weighing down hair. We’re not relying on creams or serums to smooth frizz which means hair will still have bounce.