Is your bathroom ladden with different bottles and potions that each tackle a very specific thing? Do you have a different product for your roots, one to protect your hair, and another one to tame frizz? And are there at least four other bottles you spray on your hair in the hopes you’ll get a glossy mane? Do you wish it was a lot simpler? OUAI is about to change things with its new Smooth Spray ($26).

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The versatile OUAI Smooth Spray is a pre-styling spray that functions as a leave-in conditioner, detangler and heat protectant which means you don’t need a mountain of different styling products.

To use the Smooth Spray, simply apply a light mist to locks before brushing and/or heat styling. If you need to, you can follow it up with your other styling products once your hair is dry. However, don’t be surprised if you don’t need them.

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Jen Atkin‘s OUAI hair range has a cult following thanks to its game-changing products. The foaming Dry Shampoo made us reconsider how we clean our hair while the Curl Jelly defines curls without giving them that dreaded crispy finish. If the Smooth Spray lives up to the other products, we’re going to have another staple products to add to our haircare routines.

(Photo: OUAI)