Big hair is becoming more popular on the runways. The key thing about the look is that hair is full and voluminous but not crispy. If you want to try the trend, but you’re fearful that you could end up with a dated 1980s finish, Ouai has launched the Volumizing Hair Spray ($26) for big hair minus crispiness.

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Ouai has been brilliantly teasing the product on social media with a number of throwback references including step classes, candy-colored hand weights and VHS tapes. While the references might be dated, the product is not. The lightweight aerosol spray has volumizing polymers that provide mega volume without making hair overly stiff or shellacked.

Ouai describes the product as a “tease in a can” and has tutorial videos on social media and its website on the best ways to turn flat hair into cool, modern big hair.

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Ouai suggests that you can even do the retro trick of flipping your head upside down and spraying the roots with a liberal coating of hairspray. Stand up straight and hair will be gravity-defying but in a modern way.

If you want to add maximum volume to your hair, the Ouai Volumizing Hair Spray is available to shop now on the Ouai website and at