I remember the first time someone complimented my ass.

It was my eighth grade crush, and we were at the mall, and I was wearing overalls, of all fucking things. He and his best friend were walking behind me and MY best friend, and apropos of nothing I heard “Rachel got a FAT ass; got a phatty-bangin!’ It was the ultimate compliment in the late nineties, when J-Lo’s music career was just taking off and everything ghetto-fabulous was becoming in vogue. I hadn’t given my bum much thought at that point, but in the years that followed (and to this day), I became increasingly aware that it was my ultimate “asset.” It’s high and plump and, as one guy put it, “like a nerf ball.” It maintains it’s shape and texture no matter how many pounds I gain or lose while remaining totally proportional.

It’s not really muscle or fat, I explained to one boyfriend, it’s just “all booty.” I’m thinking I might pick up a squat regimen as I enter my late twenties (gravity is a real thing!), but I’ve always been really happy with my rear, and expect to be for a long while. Until I have to choose my face, or however that cliche goes.

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