tanning salon overweight

Okay, first of all, you probably should not go to tanning salons, whatever size you are. They will give you cancer and kill you. Then your skin will be very, very pale. Pasty, even. That will be because you are dead.

So, now that we’ve got that point out of the way – overweight people should absolutely have the same right to give themselves skin cancer as anyone else.

Though, seemingly, not at Aloha tan. They recently turned away a woman for being overweight one day after she had spent $70 on a tanning package. According to Jezebel:

“[The Aloha worker] said, ‘Sorry, but I’m not going to let you tan today because we’ve just implemented a new policy where anyone over 230 pounds can’t go in one of our beds,’ ” McGrevey said. “I was just so shocked and embarrassed and humiliated.”

The first day, McGrevey had tanned in a standup booth. When she returned the next day, that booth was broken and she was told traditional beds are off limits to heavy customers.

“It really upset me. It’s discrimination,” she said. She asked for a refund; she had paid nearly $70 for a month’s worth of tanning.

“He said, ‘No, we don’t give refunds,” McGrevey said. She then called police, filing a report against owner Justin Hileman.


I remain not really pro-tanning. We can say that these people’s douche-baggery probably added a few years to this lady’s life and I’m apt to regard that as a good thing. However, everyone should have the same access to self-destructive beauty treatments regardless of their shape or size. I also think that if you know you do not serve the overweight, you do not let them spend a sizable amount on tanning packages.

Basically – let this lady tan until she is the color my sofa. My sofa is a terrible color, but that is her right.