You want to be thin, don’t you? That’s what Hollywood and fashion magazines tell us everyday. There’s also that lovely and practically pro-ana quote from our beloved former waif Kate Moss: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” However, if this mantra really isn’t cutting it and the cookie jar continues to call your name at all hours of the day and night, then there’s a solution and it’s in your china cabinet.

It seems that if your food matches your plate, you’re likely to eat much more. It’s as though your eyes can’t tell the difference, so your hand-to-mouth action just keeps going and going like the Energizer Bunny. So by the power of deduction and sheer logic, if your plate does not match your food, then you will eat less. Skinnytown, here I come.

Brian Wansink, an eating behavior expert at Cornell, found that during an experiment regarding this topic, the 60 participants that were randomly given a white or red plate to either complement or contrast with the Alfredo and marinara sauce options, ate less when their colors collided. The simple change in your plate color against your food could cut your eating by 21%.

We’ve long heard that smaller plates leads to smaller portions, which in turn leads to smaller waistlines, but once you add a whole slew of plate color options to the mix, you’re setting yourself up for weight loss success! If that’s what you’re hoping to achieve.

Takeaway? Basically, go to your kitchen immediately and replace all your dishes with wild and eccentric colored tiny plates fit for a dollhouse and all your eating issues are solved. You’ll just have to ignore those hunger pangs.