The Weinstein Company's 2013 Golden Globe Awards After Party - Arrivals

P. Diddy is insisting that he is a very normal, down-to-earth guy. In a recent interview with Los Angeles Confidential, P. Diddy said:

I like nice things, but life’s pretty normal around here.
‘People think. ”Oh, Diddy’s probably running around his mansion spooning caviar into his mouth,”’ he says with a laugh.
‘I don’t even like caviar’.

Right, why would anyone thing that? Why would we be making crazy assumptions like “perhaps this man is the kind of man who enjoys lavish living?” I think it could be because of lyrics like:

Twelve bedrooms, time to get me eight more. Stack all the cases of Ciroc up on the eighth floor.

Right, so, it’s possible that sound was about being an enterprising landlord. Or possibly the owner of a very small hotel, in which the guests enjoy fine spirits before P. Diddy personally makes all their beds.


I know I’m the shit, my janitor be getting money.

Right, so, yes, again, he could own a building an is adequately compensating his employees, which is admirable.


I know you smell this money, sitting on this throne, bitch.

He could merely be complementing a lady’s delicate sense of smell.

And then of course there’s…

I got a skyscraper, it’s a hell of a view. Got me closer to God, angel wings on my coupe.

And I’ve really got nothing to explain that one.

But yeah, sure, he’s a completely regular guy. Hates caviar. Hates it.