First we had gemstone jewelry. Then we had healing stones. Next came jade rollers and gemstone candles. If you’re looking for something else to add to your collection, Paige Novick has just released Gem Story Oils ($36).

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Paige Novick already offers plenty of gorgeous gemstone jewelry. The latest launch expands the collection to include the oils. Paige Novick explains on its website, “The Gem Story balancing oils are the multi-sensory lovechild of our own brand and natural personal care brand, Bios Apothecary. A shared ethos and a quest to marry ancient ritual with modern lifestyle inspired us to create a fully immersive experience in the form of themed balancing oils.”

gem story

There are five different oils to take your pick from. They are: Dream, Calm, Balance, Passion and Strength. Each oil is housed in a clear bottle with semi-precious stones on the inside for major Insta appeal. What’s more, they all have light fragrances courtesy of essential oils that help soothe the senses and and a pleasant fragrance without being overpowering. Paige Novick instructs users to dab the oils on pulse points to allow them to unleash their energy and showcase the scent.

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Balance (pictured above) combines quartz and tiger’s eye plus therapeutic grade rosewood essential oil and jasmine extract. Calm is a soothing (obviously) infusion of peridot, Ethiopian opal and quartz with therapeutic grade grapefruit and ylang ylang essential oil. Dream is described a “delicate infusion” and it has amethyst and quartz and is scented with therapeutic grade lavender and chamomile essential oil. Passion is for all rose quartz fans as it has rose quartz and garnet plus therapeutic grade frankincense essential oil and rose extract. Lastly, Strength is formulated with black tourmaline and quartz and is scented with therapeutic grade vanilla and black pepper essential oil.

If you haven’t done so already, make some room in your crystal collection because the Gem Story Multi-Sensoy Oils are available to shop now.

(Photo: Paige Novick)