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There are no shortage of epic makeovers online.  We’ve seen everything from celebrity transformations to people transforming themselves into things that will give even the bravest person nightmares. Therefore it takes something special to really excite us. That’s definitely the case with makeup artist Paolo Ballesteros and his epic transformation into Emma Watson.

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Paolo has gained a dedicated following of a cool two million people thanks to his amazing makeovers into female celebrities. He’s transformed himself into everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to most of the female Game of Thrones characters. And each makeover is as impressive as the last. Using some major makeup skills and the occasional wig, Paolo turns himself into the characters in front of our very eyes.

He posted an Emma Watson makeup transformation on Instagram a few days ago, and if you look at the photo quickly, you could easily think it’s Emma herself. Paolo has Emma’s flawless brows and freckles spot on. He’s even sporting a relaxed updo that you can totally see Emma wearing. What makes the transformation even more impressive is that he has Emma’s mannerisms and pose down pat.

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We’ll be eagerly anticipating Paolo’s next makeover while trying to figure out exactly how he was able to do this epic makeover.