Just last week Paris Hilton threw some delicious shade Kim Kardashian‘s way when she said she “inspired” Kardashian. But it looks like inspiration goes both ways, because Paris Hilton appeared last night at an event in Los Angeles wearing so much bronzer she looked like she followed a “How to Look Like Kim Kardashian” contouring tutorial on YouTube before getting dressed that night.

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Contouring has been very trendy for a while now, but Hilton took it a bit too far. She has so much highlighter on her forehead, cheeks, and the bridge of her nose that she looks a bit like a red panda, or one of those “how to apply contour” diagrams.

Kardashian loads up on contouring too, but she always blends a little better. Not long ago she posted a photo to Instagram that showed off how she applies contour, and before blending she actually looks a lot like Lord Voldemort. Paris Hilton’s red carpet look bears a striking resemblance to Kim’s “in progress” shot, except Paris appears to have left the house like that.


Nobody ever told Paris Hilton that less is more, and as a result she left the house wearing so much bronzer she looks like a woman wearing a rubber Paris Hilton mask for Halloween.

Of course, Paris Hilton is Kardashian’s foremother. She was the first rich socialite to become famous from a sex tape, get a reality TV show, and then turn that into a massive licensing deal. Kardashian was just a socialite hanger-on who organized Hilton’s closets sometimes, but then Kardashian took Hilton’s entire fame model–except for the parts about releasing an album and becoming a DJ, thank God–and used it to become much more famous and successful than Hilton ever was. Last week a reporter asked how the hotel heiress and original celebutante thought about her former closet organizer’s meteoric rise.

“It’s nice to inspire people. So, yeah. I’m really proud of her and what she’s done,” Hilton said.

Kim could say the same about Paris’ makeup, but I don’t think she’d want to take credit for this.

Photos: Michael Tullburg/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images