Also – remember Paris Hilton?

No, really. I remember her! Memories of my teen years are peppered with her. I mean, in her way, Paris Hilton set the standard for every reality tv star we see today (come from a “good” family, wear very little clothing, have a sex tape). And by every reality TV star I mostly mean Kim Kardashian, because I really do not watch all that much reality tv – but I think you see where I’m going with this. I also remember one period where she was engaged to some kind of prince? And when we all followed her going to jail? Regardless of the fact that she seemed to be trying to be vapid, and she didn’t really accomplish much, I always thought that somehow, things would work out well for Paris Hilton. I mean, she’d get married, start doing charity work, generally find some sort of real calling and stability in life. And stop doing horribly advised things like, specifically, The House of Wax.

Paris Hilton is now 31.

She is a DJ. In Brazil.

She plays essentially the same music they play at my gym. This:


She was booed off the stage on her first set.

I feel pretty legitimately sad about this. – Buzzfeed