For those of you who have been reminiscing of the heady days of 2004, when Paris Hilton was the reigning vapid socialite on the airwaves, be cheered. Paris is still alive. How do we know?

Because she’s on the cover of Vanity Fair Spain. And the title of the article says so.

The Spanish editors are clearly excited to show Paris’ range, dressing her peak socialite garb: namely lots of gold and a puppy accessory. (Is it a sign of her social decline that she has yet to appear in a cameo on the broke socialite/Kat Dennings vehicle Two Broke Girls?)

But the title on the cover of the magazine is what confuses me. I’m pretty sure it translates to this:

“The most blonde, The most rich, And surprise! The most alive: Paris Hilton “

Maybe that is supposed to be tongue in cheek. But yeah, any of you wondering if Paris Hilton had passed from the earth since you last thought of her: nope. She’s still here!