Paris Hilton is no stranger to the perfume market. She has over 20 fragrances to her name. Now, she is branching out beyond scent with the launch of an eponymous skincare line.

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Some might be surprised to hear that Paris is expanding her collection into skincare, but she has already dabbled in makeup and fashion so skincare seems like the next logical frontier. What’s more, she is apparently a skincare connoisseur. According to the Paris Hilton Skincare website, Paris “has maintained a smooth, vibrant and seemingly ageless complexion without the use of cosmetic surgery (including minimally invasive procedures)” and wants to share her knowledge with us.

The Paris Hilton Skincare range is about using science-backed, innovative ingredients that focus on prevention as much as treatment. There are four products in the line which range in price from $29 to $115. They’re all packaged in chic black airtight bottles with rose gold detailing.

The range is called ProD.N.A. and features “GenoMatrix II™, a DNA repair enzyme formula that originates from microalgae, ProD.N.A.™ Advanced Recovery Serum works at the deepest level to help the skin’s natural cell regeneration process,” according to the brand’s website. The range is made up of the Dual Action Cleansing Gel ($29) which cleanses and exfoliates without striping skin thanks to caviar line. Next up is the Advanced Recovery Serum ($115) to stop fine lines and wrinkles before they happen and the Lift and Firm Eye Cream ($78) to make eyes brighter, younger and more hydrated. Lastly, there’s the Face & Décolletage Cream ($75) which addresses sagging, elasticity, hyperpigmentation and dryness.

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Also, note that the brand did have a rosewater-rich Unicorn Mist that was separate from the ProD.N.A. range. It’s currently sold out, but fingers crossed that Paris brings it back so we can all have another reason to unleash our inner unicorns

The Paris Hilton Skincare range launched June 29 so you can try it out today and see how it compares to other celebrity beauty lines.