New York Fashion Week is already thrilling enough with all of the new fashion trends, the gorgeous makeup looks, the FROW, and the impeccable street style, but makeup artist Pat McGrath managed to make it even more exciting by subtly teasing an upcoming launch at the Anna Sui Fall 2017 fashion show.

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Pat is no stranger to teasing new products at shows then dropping more clues on Instagram. And that’s exactly what she is doing for the sixth Pat McGrath Labs launch. Pat shared a few backstage photos of the bold blue eyeshadow and deep red lipstick at the Anna Sui show then casually captioned them with a “Coming Soon from Pat McGrath Labs….#StayedTuned”

She has since followed up the backstage beauty photos with some inspiration pics, and the internet is already speculating about what exactly the latest launch could be. Many people are guessing that it will be a bold blue pigment or eyeshadow that matches the models’ at the Anna Sui show.

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Others are guessing that Pat could be launching a kit complete with a blue pigment and a burgundy lipstick so we can get the entire look from the Anna Sui show.

Of course we’ll have to wait until Pat gives us more details on Instagram or at the shows to find out what the new launch really is. Until then, we’re happy to just dream about what it could possibly be.