In 2017, Pat McGrath has given us some great teasers followed by some incredible products. Remember the lip kits and the clothing line? It’s fitting that she closes the year with a teaser for a new lipstick.

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True to form, the legendary makeup artist took to Instagram to tease the latest addition to the Pat McGrath Labs collection. Normally, Pat begins by grabbing our attention with some captivating inspiration photos or a preview video. This time, she actually posted a product video. The image shows white lipstick tubes with gold lip details like the MatteTrances Lipsticks. The preview pans from a golden chain-strap bag where there are four lippies inside.

Pat captioned the video, “NEW YEAR, NEW LIPS  Mesmerize minimally — and MAJORLY  Use #SlayMyName to tell MOTHER what you think her alluringly addictive secret to a KILLER KISS is… #comingsoon”

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Of course, the video has piqued everyone’s curiosity. Does the gold and red bag indicate the lipstick colors? Could these be some sort of buildable lip color from the mesmerize minimally and majorly clue? Could the product even be a split bullet design?

Of course, Pat didn’t spill all of the details yet. Our guesses are as good as yours for the moment. But, we’ll update you when more details are released. As Pat did say, the lippies are “#comingsoon”