We love Pat McGrath products, however, we don’t love when they sell out before we can get our hands on them. The sting is even worse when we know that the products are limited edition and the chance of them being restocked are very, very slim. It looks like Pat McGrath understood our pain because the legendary makeup artist is now launching a permanent Pat McGrath Labs makeup collection, the Unlimited Edition.

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That means no more panic, no more cursing spotty WiFi and no more tears about not getting Gold 001. However, the permanent collection hasn’t lost any of its glam or innovative formulas. Pat revealed on Instagram that the Unlimited Edition launch will be a big one with 40(!) different lipsticks (nine MatteTrance and 31 LuxeTrance), 11 lip liners, five eye pencils and  a”Mother’s Mysterious, Mesmerizing Mascara.”

That’s not all. There is also a Mothership Eyeshadow palette which is really three different eyeshadow palettes with different finishes. In true Pat McGrath form, all of the eyeshadow palettes have mysterious-sounding names: Subliminal, Sublime and Subverise.

WWD reported that the lipsticks will sell for $38 each, the eye pencils and lip pencils for $25 each and the mascara for $28. The blockbuster palette will set you back $125.

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Want in? The Unlimited Collection will launch on September 16 at midnight on the Pat McGrath Labs website with 40 shades of lipstick, followed by the eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow palettes on September 28. Then the entire line will launch on October 6 on Sephora.com and in select Sephora stores. However, keen makeup lovers will want to watch out because Pat hinted at an early sale for subscribers. So, make sure you’ve registered online.

The Pat McGrath Labs Unlimited Collection will launch September 16 at midnight.