There are a lot of beauty brands who drop products and they’re pretty much gone in the blink of an eye. That’s definitely the case with the vast majority of Pat McGrath‘s makeup launches. The trouble is that when there are limited-edition products in very limited quantities, it leaves those who never got them very disappointed. If you were one of the people who never got your hands on Pat McGrath’s Skin Fetish, listen up because now is your chance. Pat McGrath is dropping a full range of Skin Fetish products.

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To recap, Pat McGrath first launched Skin Fetish as product 003 in 2016. In typical fashion, it sold out and many cried because they wanted the lit-from-within glow the product delivered. Fast forward to 2018 and the legendary makeup artist made the announcement on Instagram that Skin Fetish is back and it has company with three Skin Fetish Balm Duo Shades including one new one.

The collection sees the relaunch of the original Skin Fetish Highlighter and Balm Duo ($55) in Nude and Golden. The newest shade on offer in Bronze, which is the darkest shade of the three. To take your highlighting game to the next level, it also features the Skin Fetish Sublime Highlighting Kit Trio ($65). The palette has three shimmering highlighters in a range of shades that all deliver multidimensional effects. The collection also has the Skin Fetish Buffer 003 Brush ($25) for a flawless finish.

Those wanting something to complement their strobed skin can pick up the limited-edition Lip Fetish Lip Balm ($38). The moisturizing lip balm is back but in four new shades: Gold Astral, Bronze Astral, VR Pink Astral and Nude Astral. There’s also the original clear Lip Fetish if you didn’t pick it up when it first launched.

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Want something of everything? You can splurge on the Skin Fetish: The Kit ($125). There are three options (gold, nude, bronze). Each one comes with a corresponding Skin Fetish Highlighter and Balm Duo, the Skin Fetish Sublime Highlighting Kit Trio, the original Skin Fetish Lip Balm and the Skin Fetish Buffer 003 Brush.

That Pat McGrath Skin Fetish collection will launch on June 21. Given how fast the original lost sold out, you do not want to miss out on anything here so make sure that you’re ready. You can also sign up on the Pat McGrath Labs website for early access.

That Pat McGrath Skin Fetish collection will launch on June 21.