Sensitive skin sufferers have long been faced with a choice: combat the signs of aging and risk redness and irritation, or accommodate sensitive skin. With the introduction of Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology AntiAging for Sensitive Skin, you don’t have to choose — the breakthrough four-step regimen gently and effectively addresses the needs of both aging and sensitive skin.

patricia wexler mmp skin regenerating serum

Each product in the regimen is specially designed to soothe and calm skin while reversing signs of aging without irritation:

  • · Gentle Exfoliating Peel reveals healthy, fresh skin in one trauma-free step ($34.50)
  • MMPi20 Comforting & Renewing Serum decreases skin’s reactivity while visibly diminishing signs of aging ($55)
  • Calming AntiAging Moisturizer SPF 30 protects skin from environmental aggressors without irritating skin ($39.50)
  • Soothing & Renewing Night Cream soothes skin on contact and restores skins’ moisture barriers ($39.50)

Patricia Wexler skin care is available at Bath & Bodyworks stores nationwide.

Image:  Bath & Bodyworks