paz de la huerta terry richardson

Wondering what Paz de la Huerta is up to when she’s not angrily reciting her own name to strangers in Russian baths? Who hasn’t!

She’s modeling naked for Terry Richardson. Like this!:

paz de la huerta naked

On the upside, wow, Paz de la Huerta seems like a woman who is extremely comfortable in her own skin. She looks very relaxed, pantless, clutching some manner of handbag to her chest, standing at a frightfully awkward angle.

But – despite the fact that I realize I am writing about it, right now, because we are on the Terry/Paz beat, forever – Paz de la Huerta being naked doesn’t seem like that much of a story. Paz de la Huerta is pretty much always naked. I cannot remember any appearance by her in Boardwalk Empire where she is not naked. It seems like it would be much more surprising or somewhat controversial to see her draped in a snuggie. Or a turtleneck. And pants. Things people wear out in the world. But I think Terry Richardson’s answer to edginess seems to be “naked! Let’s get them all naked!”

Well, at least there was no tampon tea. That we know of.

So, that. That is a thing that is happening now.

Her name means peace, okay? Get it, got it, good.

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