Did Peaches Geldof's frequent and lengthy juice cleansing contribute to her death?

Confusion, sadness and speculation surround the untimely death of Peaches Geldof, whose body was found yesterday at her home in Wrotham, Kent, a village in England. While the tragedy has been declared “unexplained and sudden,” there was no evidence of drugs in Peaches’ home at the time of her death nor was there a suicide note, leading to a belief that it was due to natural causes. Therefore, all the awful jokes people have made on Twitter should quickly cease (and should never have been made, but the Internet is horrible).



Yeah, a person’s death sure is the best time to make jokes! Anyway, there is another theory completely unrelated to drugs regarding how Peaches may have died: juice cleansing.

Apparently, Peaches told OK! that she had juice for three meals a day for a month at a time.

“I do diet – I do juicing. You juice vegetables and then you drink it three times a day. It’s gross. I do it usually for about a month.
“I have no will-power but with the juicing I’m like: ‘I have to do it because I have to lose this extra ten pounds.’ I’ll lose it and then I’m back going mental for the chips. I juice and then I eat chips.”

At the time, she explained that trying to fit into the small range of “acceptable” appearances that the entertainment industry demands was difficult.

“Sometimes it’s hard. If you open any high-fashion magazine, the girls in it are stick-thin and then they’ve been air-brushed down to the point where it’s just like, ludicrousness. I have days when I wake up and think: ‘I’m so fat.’”

It is a sad but highly prevalent truth: we are continuously shown female bodies that are slender, and while many women are indeed naturally thin and face prejudices of their own, the rest who are not wind up dealing with quite a bit of pressure from the media, themselves, and even their loved ones.

Frighteningly, at the time of the interview, a spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association named Cath Collins to the Daily Mail that Peaches’ diet was dangerous:

“Surviving on fruit is a very dangerous diet. Peaches is at high risk of electrolyte abnormalities which could lead to acute cardiac arrest. It is what kills anorexics.”

All of this has led to speculation that Peaches passed away due to her diet. While we still don’t know what caused Peaches’ death, we can only hope for the best for her children and loved ones. And that people will stop making horrible jokes, because seriously.

Photo: Pierre Suu/Getty Images